Anatrix has IC experience in high volume consumer electronics and a number of specialty environment market segments. We have familiarity with deep sub-micron CMOS, BiCMOS and SiGe HBT process technologies.

This experience allows us to support your project outsourcing needs in your selected fabrication process while achieving specifications at minimum cost and highest yield.
ASIC Experience
Sensor Interface -- Low Noise, Digital Conversion
Power -- DC - DC (Boost, Buck or Linear)
Imaging -- Visible, X-Ray, MWIR and LWIR
Communications -- Physical Layer and SerDes Functions
RF -- LNA, VGA, Mixer and LO
Optical -- Laser Drivers, Detector Interface and Control
Storage -- Hard Disk (Read Channel Front End, Pre-amp, Servo)
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Anatrix, LLC
RHBD Environments (CMOS and SiGe HBT)
High Energy Particle Tolerance (SEL, SET and SEU)
Cryogenic Temperatures