Precision References
Optical Interface Controllers
Laser Drivers (VCSEL and edge)
Transimpedance Amplifiers
Continuous-Time Filters
RF LNA, Mixer and LO
Anatrix has extensive analog, mixed-signal and RF circuit design experience in deep sub-micron CMOS, BiCMOS and SiGe HBT process technologies.

Anatrix can provide IP solutions or design resources regardless of your chosen IC process technology.
Traditional Environments
Mixed-Signal Functions
Low-Jitter High-Speed Clock Generation (PLL)
High Speed I/O (LVDS and CML)
ADC (FLASH, Pipeline, SAR and Integrating)
DAC (Capacitive, Voltage and Current Steering)
Clock and Data Recovery
Analog Functions
Anatrix, LLC
Serialize and De-Serialize Functions
Frequency Dividers
Buffer Designs (clock, tapered, etc)
High Speed Serial Data Encoding
Digital Gate Development
Custom Digital Designs
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