Tolerance Addressed by Our Designs
Anatrix offers design services and IP suitable for use in speciality environments which are often required by imaging and RHBD applications.

We have experience designing in standard commercially available CMOS and BiCMOS SiGe HBT process technologies. We use existing IP and/or create custom designs to meet your specific program specifications.
Specialty Environments
Block Design Experience
Cyrogenic Tolerance
Total Ionizing Dose (TID)
Single Event Tolerant (SEL and SET)
Single Event Upset (SEU) memory and DFF designs
Phase Locked Loops
Digital Dividers and Serializers
Digital Library Development
High Speed (LVDS, CML)
ADC, DAC designs
RF Mixers, LNA and LO
Bonding Pad I/O
Foundry Technology Experience
TowerJazz CMOS (CA13, CA18)
TowerJazz BiCMOS (SBC18, SBC13)
Skywater Technologies (130nm, 90nm)
ON Semiconductor (ONC18)
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