Our Designs Address all Radiation Issues
Anatrix offers radiation hardened by design solutions utilizing standard commercial CMOS and BiCMOS SiGe HBT processes. We use existing IP or create custom designs to meet your specific program specifications.

Our program experience spans leading space companies and Government programs. Trusted manufacturing path is available.
Space Applications
RHBD Design Experience
Total Ionizing Dose (TID) 1Mrad
Single Event Latch Up Tolerant Designs
Single Event Transient (SET) analysis
Single Event Upset (SEU) resistant memory designs
Digital Library Development
RF Mixers, LNA and LO
Digital Dividers and Serializers
Phase Locked Loops
High Speed (LVDS, CML)
ADC, DAC designs
Bonding Pads, ESD
Processes with RHBD IP Available
TowerJazz CMOS (CA13, CA18)
TowerJazz BiCMOS (SBC18, SBC13)
ON Semiconductor (ONC18)
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RHBD Foundry Experience
Jazz Semiconductor Trusted Foundry
ON Semiconductor